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  • Site Maintenance

    Unfortunately, allowing people to log on to this site in order to vote encouraged hackers. Therefore, the actual voting functionality has been removed. Although that functionality was the primary purpose of this site, perhaps it can still help people to become familiar with Direct Democracy and Participatory Budgeting. Yours in the democratic ideal,-alec

  • Charitable Organizations

    The current list of organizations, sorted by Category: Organization Category URL Humane Society Animals People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals Animals World Wildlife Fund Animals Big Brothers Big Sisters Children Make-A-Wish foundation Children World Vision Children edX Education Khan Academy Education Manhattan Country School Education…

  • March, 2018

    Initially, the plan for was to become a non-profit organization that acted as a charitable clearing house that redistributed 100% of its funds to other charitable organizations by means of Participatory Budgeting. The current plan is not to accept donations, since there is risk involved with handling money and ensuring that people do not…

  • Direct Democracy

    Why? The idea behind is simple: use Participatory Budgeting to create a charity clearinghouse.  All money donated to this site is re-donated to charities according to a budget determined by all of the members (i.e. Participatory Budgeting).  So it achieves charitable donations while teaching about a particularly effective form of Direct Democracy. What? A…